Space cryptic clue ideas

by Alastair Watson on February 08, 2021

We know that trying to think of cryptic clues can be tricky at the best of times but given the demands of lockdown, we wanted to give you a helping hand!  Below you'll find a list of clue ideas and the associated places in your house or garden.

Simply pick and choose from the list below and copy them down onto the clue sheet that game with your Checkpoint Game kit and away you go!


 Under the bed: All lifeforms sleep, and most keep important things under their resting station

Under a pillow: Have a peek under the comfortable place to rest your eye stalks, head or tentacles after a hard day

Bedside drawer: A resting station might require a storage facility, for the very important items

Wardrobe: Please remember to keep your space suits neat, tidy and in an excellent hiding place

Toy box: All gadgets, gizmos and games must be stowed for landing, along with valuable items

Under the bathroom sink: All space travellers must wash their tentacles and check for hidden items nearby before take-off

In the bath: A tub to practice floating is a useful storage area

In the shower:  Where do you go when you just have to wash the space grime off quickly?

Under the stairs: Some small steps for you, have a giant look underneath for an item

Plant pot: Plants are lifeforms too, and just as capable of hiding things

Under the kitchen sink: All space dishes must be thoroughly scrubbed and the area underneath checked for extra items before zero-G

Cutlery drawer: Eating implements, and any secret items, must be secured here before space-dock occurs

In a pan: Everyone loves spaghetti and meteor-balls cooking away, but sometimes that’s not what’s in here

In the fridge: Refrigeration of your samples could be at risk if other things are stored here

In a lunchbox: Going for a space-walk? Don’t forget your rations tin, it contains vital items

Biscuit tin: Following a warp drive boost, astronauts may need to refuel with chocolate covered baked goods. Please check for non-standard useful items before eating

In their schoolbag: Learning satchels must be inspected thoroughly before space lessons

Under the table: Low gravity travel means items may not be on the usual side of their eating or working surfaces

Under a sofa cushion: SAFETY NOTICE Check under your seat padding for any missing items

Windowsill: Items left near outside viewing apertures are in danger of being ejected into space. Check carefully

Fireplace: Fuel burning portals must be clear of important items before sustained engine burn

Shoe: Space boots with unknown items inside may not function correctly, check yours before you exit to a planet surface

Coat pocket: THINK SPACE - Space gloves are large and bulky, items you need may be left behind in outerwear pockets

Under the rug: Low gravity travel means items may not be on the usual side of their floor decorating surface

Under the doormat: Low gravity travel means items may not be on the usual side of their space boot cleaning surface