Pirates cryptic clue ideas

by Alastair Watson on February 04, 2021

We know that trying to think of cryptic clues can be tricky at the best of times but given the demands of lockdown, we wanted to give you a helping hand!  Below you'll find a list of clue ideas and the associated places in your house or garden.

Simply pick and choose from the list below and copy them down onto the clue sheet that game with your Checkpoint Game kit and away you go!


 Under the bed: Beneath the place of slumber, that’s where this one’s hid.

Under a pillow: The softest place to rest your weary head, holds a secret stashed

Bedside drawer: Beside your bunk, keepsakes are stored. And maybe more...

Wardrobe: Look where you’d find a pirate’s garb, always smart as a button

Toy box: Inside a chest of real treasures, playthings better than gold

Under the bathroom sink: After your hands (or hooks) are cleaned, look below

In the bath: Pirates ride the waves, but this tub will do instead

In the shower: A waterfall inside, it may harbour more than soap

Under the stairs: Changing decks requires some steps, but items hide beneath

Plant pot: Some portable greenery for long sea journeys, with riches stowed

Under the kitchen sink: The galley cook’s got pans to scrub, but there’s treasure underneath

Cutlery drawer: Dinnertime means cutting and stabbing, and this is where to find your tools

In a pan: Cook’s got a stew bubbling, but check those empty pots

In the fridge: A place as cold as the darkest pirate’s heart, with added milk

In a lunchbox: Your grub is your own, and needs a home. But so do hidden things

Biscuit tin: The home of a treasure beyond compare, a crumbly, crunchy treat

In their schoolbag: Even pirates have lessons to learn, and here’s the sack to take

Under the table: What’s better than a wooden leg? Four of them around a hiding place

Under a sofa cushion: A comfy sitting spot, but treasure often disappears down here

Windowsill: A porthole lets you see into the distance, but check a little closer by

Fireplace: Warm yourself in this cozy spot, but keep a keen eye

Shoe: One, two buckle my… now where did I put it?

Coat pocket: Wrap up warm when out on deck, but where to keep your valuables?

Under the rug: The finest weaving to cover the floor. What else does it cover?

Under the doormat: Remember to wipe the sand from your boots, and to check below