Egypt cryptic clue ideas

by Alastair Watson on March 01, 2021

We know that trying to think of cryptic clues can be tricky at the best of times but given the demands of lockdown, we wanted to give you a helping hand!  Below you'll find a list of clue ideas and the associated places in your house or garden.

Simply pick and choose from the list below and copy them down onto the clue sheet that game with your Checkpoint Game kit and away you go!


 Under the bed: Pharaoh must rest. You must look beneath.

Under a pillow: Ensure Pharaoh’s head may lay safely down

Bedside drawer: Pharaoh must have all important items enclosed nearby for sleep.

Wardrobe: Pharaoh’s outfit storage must be free of extra items

Toy box: Pharaoh’s playthings stockpile must be checked thoroughly

Under the bathroom sink: All those who attend Pharaoh must do so with clean hands. Unneeded items should be stored beneath.

In the bath: Every day, Pharaoh’s attendants must bathe, ideally laid down. Nothing should be stored here

In the shower:  Every day, Pharaoh’s attendants must bathe. This may be done while standing. Nothing should be stored here.

Under the stairs: As Pharaoh descends the levels, ensure nothing lies underneath

Plant pot: Pharaoh enjoys seeing greenery growing, but nothing unusual should be there

Under the kitchen sink: As you clean up after Pharaoh’s meals, check for food scraps or other items beneath

Cutlery drawer: Pharaoh’s eating tools must be stored in an orderly way, with no bonus items.

In a pan: As you cook Pharaoh’s meals, ensure each cooking vessel is empty.

In the fridge: Storing Pharaoh’s meals for another day is allowed, if it is cold. But nothing unusual may be nearby

In a lunchbox: As Pharaoh has a midday stroll, they may wish to eat. Ensure the carry case is appropriately filled.

Biscuit tin: Pharaoh’s favourite treats are date and honey cookies. Check their container is not contaminated.

In their schoolbag: Even Pharaoh must learn at school. Do not place anything unwanted in his carrying sack

Under the table: As you bow before Pharaoh, check underneath his eating surface.

Under a sofa cushion: Ensure Pharaoh’s rear may sit comfortably, with nothing unwanted underneath.

Windowsill: As Pharaoh gazes out over his lands, do not allow his view to be blocked by undesirable things.

Fireplace: As Pharaoh watches the flames for inspiration, do not allow his view to be blocked by undesirable things.

Shoe: Only Pharaoh may have clothed feet, ensure his toes will not encounter anything unexpected.

Coat pocket: Pharaoh does not enjoy cold hands. Ensure they may enter his coat undisturbed.

Under the rug: Pharaoh may wish to walk upon softly woven floor coverings. Ensure they are flat with no bumps beneath

Under the doormat: Pharaoh may wish to remove sand and dirt as he re-enters. Ensure nothing makes this uncomfortable.