Easter clue ideas

by Alastair Watson on March 25, 2021

We know that trying to think of cryptic clues can be tricky at the best of times but given the demands of lockdown, we wanted to give you a helping hand!  Below you'll find a list of clue ideas and the associated places in your house or garden.

Simply pick and choose from the list below and copy them down onto the clue sheet that game with your Checkpoint Game kit and away you go!


 Under the bed: Eggs might roll into the dark, under where you sleep.

Under a pillow: Eggs aren’t meant to lie upon, your ear would feel the curve.

Bedside drawer: Eggs sit nicely in a drawer that’s close when waking up.

Wardrobe: Eggs fit nicely into socks and pockets, where do they all live?

Toy box: Eggs can hide amongst the games, and under certain toys.

Under the bathroom sink: Eggs aren’t often in the sink, but somewhere closed beside

In the bath: Eggs don’t need to soak, but might still end up clean.

In the shower: Eggs can handle water drops, but not a drop by you.

Under the stairs: Eggs get into every space, even under creaking steps.

Plant pot: Eggs don’t grow on trees you know, but sometimes hide in soil.

Under the kitchen sink: Eggs can hide from washing up, but not too far away.

Cutlery drawer: Eggs are eaten with a spoon, but nestle next to knives.

In a pan: Eggs get boiled up in this thing, or hide without the water.

In the fridge: Eggs have special holders here, along with veg and milk.

In a lunchbox: Eggs in here come out for lunch, but this one’s not to eat.

Biscuit tin: Eggs can sit amongst the bakes and chocolate covered things.

In their schoolbag: Eggs have learned a lot so far, but now sneak off to school.

Under the table: An egg inside an eggcup is above where this one sits.

Under a sofa cushion: A dangerous place for eggs to be, in case of sitting down!

Windowsill: Eggs might like to see the world, and think of rolling out.

Fireplace: Eggs get warm but not to cook, a comfy hearth is home.

Shoe: Eggs aren’t shaped like toes at all, but fit where they might go.

Coat pocket: Eggs may find a glove or two, with coins and dust and fluff.

Under the rug: This is most unsafe for eggs, a trodding foot will find.

Under the doormat: Eggs might want to get outside, but hides below your wipe.